VDS CoBeNe education

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The VDS CoBeNe educational program is designed i) to reflect the range of its fields, ii) to allow in-depth training in the specific research field, and iii) to experience training in transferable skills and scientific exchange. Furthermore, it is designed to allow a high degree of flexibility in terms of what to get the credits for (e.g., specific training in concepts/methods, transferable skills, or attending (organizing conferences), adhering to the requirements of the curricula.


54 - Psychology, Cognition, Behaviour, and Neuroscience Directorate of Doctoral Studies

300051 SE en  Proposal writing

301276 SE en  Journal Club II - Stem Cell Biology: Evolutionary, developmental and pathological dimensions

301757 SE en  Research Report & Journal Club II - Genetics and Developmental biology

540002 SE de en  Seminar for Doctoral Students - Changing brain and behavior with closed-loop feedback systems

540003 SE de en  Seminar for Doctoral Students - Current trends and research methods in Social Neuroscience

540004 SE de en  Seminar for Doctoral Students - Current research in Trauma and trauma related disorders

540005 SE de en  Seminar for Doctoral Students - Cognitive abilities, individual differences, and psychological assessment

540006 SE de en  Seminar for Doctoral Students - Applied Social Psychology and Consumer Research

540007 SE de en  Seminar for Doctoral Students - Psychology of Beauty, Attraction and visual Aesthetics

540008 SE de en  Research Seminar - Multivariate and Complex Data Analysis for Psychological Science

540009 SE de en  Research Seminar - Scientific Writing

540010 SE de en  Seminar for Doctoral Students - Research synthesis, meta-research, and latent-variable modeling

540011 SE de en  Seminar for Doctoral Students - Social and Cognitive Development

540012 SE de en  Seminar for Doctoral Students - Stress and stress-related disorders

540013 SE de en  Seminar for Doctoral Students - The neuroscience of social cognition and emotions

540014 SE de en  Seminar for Doctoral Students - Family Research in Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology

540015 SE de en  Seminar for Doctoral Students - Emotions in the context of learning and achievement

540016 SE de en  Seminar for Doctoral Students - Current hot spots of cultural psychological theorizing and research

540017 SE de en  Seminar for Doctoral Students - Experimental Psychology

540018 SE de en  Seminar for Doctoral Students - Current trends in Work and Organizational Psychology

540019 SE de en  Seminar for Doctoral Students - Developmental and educational research in secondary school

540020 SE de en  Seminar for Doctoral Students - Motivation, self-regulation and well-being in Educational Psychology

540021 SE de en  Seminar for Doctoral Students - Organizational Behavior Current Trends