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PhD Candidates - Behavioral & Cognitive Biology

PhD CandidateTitle of PhD thesis
Ali Mostafa; Dina Abdelhafez (EG)The role of acoustic communication pair, family and group cohesion in greylag geese (Anser anser)
Anchundia Gonzalez; David Jhon (EC)Conservation of the Little Vermilion Flycatcher population in Santa Cruz and genetic assessment for future reintroduction planning to reestablish former range
Bapat; Awani (IN)Social information use and strategies for social integration in free-flying ravens
Beeck; Veronika Christine (DE)Functions and Mechanisms of Vocal Flexibility in Social Mammals
Bezeljak; Petra (DE)Exploring middle school students' environmental interest, attitudes and knowledge
Blum; Christian Reinhard (AT)Ontogeny, Flexibility and Memory of Vocalisations in Common Ravens (Corvus corax)
Damini; Silvia (IT)How to cope with others? Inter- and intra-specific interactions in wild ravens
Deventer; Sarah Angelina (DE) Individual differences: from prenatal learning to social networks
Eleutri; Vesta (IT)Multimodal communication in African savannah elephants (Loxodonta africana)
Emser; Sarah Viola (DE)Genetic and epigenetic aspects of hibernation phenotypes
Gallego-Abenza; Mario (ES)Fission-fusion dynamics and cognition in common ravens (Corvus corax)
Grabner; Julia Victoria (AT)Acoustic information integration and dynamic decision making in common marmosets
Garcia Loor; Jefferson (EC)Risk taking behavior in Darwins's fiches
Haiduk; Felix (DE)Song and Speech - Evolutionary and Cognitive Function of Discrete Pitch
Henschel; Melanie (DE)Play behavior and innovation in birds
Ibáñez De Aldecoa; Paula (ES)Mechanisms, components and promoters of innovation in birds and humans
Jean-Joseph; Hillary Gabrielle (FR)How dogs and wolves see their worlds: Differences in autonomic nervous system modulation
Kofler; Barbara (IT)Dynamic interactions between Darwin's finches and an alien parasite in the early phase of invasion on the Galapagos Islands
Kunert; Lisa (DE)Understanding the dynamics of neuronal dopamine transporter
trafficking in Drosophila
Maiditsch; Isabelle Pia (AT)Ecological Constraints and Sound Communication in Fishes; the Croaking Gourami (Trichopsis vittata)
Markovitsch; Johann (AT)Breaking symmetry: The neural and evolutionary basis of brain lateralization
Mayr; Christina (AT)Die Wirkung rhythmischer - bindungsgeleiteter Interventionen auf physiologische Variablen. Musikalische Synchronisation der Herzschlagraten als Indikator für Bindungsoffenheit.
Munteanu; Marian  Alexandru (RO)The emotional basis of raven social relations
Müllner; Bernhard doing science <> talking science
Sprachsensibles Forschendes Lernen im Biologieunterricht
Neurohr; Anna-Lena (DE)Modellierung der Entwicklung und Förderung einer Umweltkompetenz bei Kindern und Jugendlichen durch Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung
Pelayo-van Buuren; Tiffany Magdalena Underlying mechanisms involved in innovative problem solving and mirror related behaviours in large-brained birds.
Pike; Courtney Lauren (US)Investigating the behavior and larval development of the invasive parasitic fly, Philornis downsi, in different host nests in the Galapagos Islands
Pühringer-Sturmayr; Verena (AT)Social Behaviour and Movement Ecology of the Northern Bald Ibis (Geronticus eremita): Contributions to the Behavioural Ecology of an Endangered Avian Species
Rodriguez Lopez; Camilo (CO)Examining the mechanisms underlying territorial tradeoffs in a Neotropical poison frog:
behavioural flexibility and sexual hormones
Stocker; Martina (AT)A hormonal perspective on cooperative behaviour: A comparative approach
Stückler; Susanne (AT)Functions and mechanisms of dynamic color change in anurans
Teufelbauer; Norbert (AT)Using citizen science data in bird conservation
Urquiza Haas; Esmeralda Gabriela (MX)Mental state attribution to animals and objects: processes and associated factors
Vanhooland; Lisa-Claire (FR)AVISSA: Animal Visual Self-recognition and Self-Awareness
Wagner; Bernhard (AT)Cross-species studies on the role of vocal harmonics in musicality
Wenig; Katharina (DE)How to evaluate others: The ontogeny and underlying mechanism of social information use

PhD Candidates - Cognitive Humanities

PhD Candidate Title PhD thesis
Borba Borges; Priscilla (BR)
Dare; Zoya (CA) Screen Viewer/Art User: Examining the Effects of Smartphone Use on Art Viewing Behaviour
Georgopoulos; Gerasmios (EL)
Guzmán-Alcon; Irena (ES)
Hochenauer; Peter (AT)
Immelmann; Birke Maria Beatrice Vibrations-Konzepte in kunsttheoretischen Diskursen von 1725 bis 1925: Die Suche nach der Angleichung von Klang, Farbe uns Gestik.
Jocik; Nikola (RS)
Miscena; Anna (IT) Modes of Vision: a historical analysis and experimental evaluation of twofoldness in the perception of Art
Rantasa; Peter (AT)

PhD Candidates - Neuroscience

PhD CandidateTitle of PhD thesis
Abbasi; Reyhaneh (IR)Developing a bioacoustic tool for mice vocalizations inspired by speech recognition algorithms
Bergkirchner; BeateDevelopment and Plasticity of Bilateral Brain Circuits in Drosophila
Javorski; DominikBrain circuit plasticity in Drosophila
Kalathinkunnath; Lakshmi (IN)
Kunert; Lisa (AT)Understanding the dynamics of neuronal dopamine transporter
trafficking in Drosophila
Lechner; Stephan (AT)
Markovitsch; Johann (AT)Breaking symmetry: The neural and evolutionary basis of brain lateralization
Parinov; AntonSensory coding and sensorimotor integration in the brain of C. elegans
Riegler; ClemensNeural circuitry underlying the Optomotor response in the larval zebrafish
Steger; JuliaEvolution and development of metazoan cell type diversity: Insights from the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis
Zurl; MartinTesting the role of melatonin for a fundamental timing mechanism in a marine model species

PhD Candidates - Psychology

PhD CandidateTitle of PhD thesis
Amini-Nejad; Rojan (DE)Targeting the mental health of asylum seekers in Austria
Baldt; BettinaMedical-Decision-Making in Oncology - A Multiperspectivistic Approach
Baumgartner; VeraThe consequences of cognitive demands in flexible work & the role of individual factors
Bayram; Burcu (TR)Dynamates - Dynamic auditory predictions in human and non-human primates Spatial and Temporal Auditory predictions
Boch; MagdalenaHow dogs and humans perceive and understand each other: A comparative neuroimaging approach
Burger; ChristophBullying and teacher interventions
Burzler; Matthias AlexanderCultivated or dispositional? A mixed methods construct evaluation of the Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire
Bühler; Raimund (DE)The Neuropharmacology of Social Motivation in Autism
Clay; Georgia (UK)The intrinsic value of effort
Egger; Martin The Effects of Selective Attention on Preference in Choice
Emprechtinger; RobertCurrent State and Applications of SEM-Based Meta-Analysis
Feneberg; Anja ChristineThe beneficial effects of music listeninig on health
Forstinger; Marlene (AT)Proactive Top-Down Suppression of Visual Attention - Different Aspects of Attentional Control Settings for To-Be-Suppressed Features
Fries; Jonathan (DE)Intelligence and its Associations with Physical and Mental Health
Goreis; AndreasPsychobiological impact on ethnic discrimination on the health of Turkish immigrants living in Austria
Grillich; LudwigSchritte zu einer evidenzbasierten gesundheitsförderlichen und präventiven Praxis am Beispiel sozialer Isolation und  Einsamkeit bei älteren Personen
Grösel; Evelyn StephanieImplementierung des Konstrukts Genießerleben in die Positive Psychologie
Grüner; MarkusThe Influence of Light-induced Dynamics on Attention, Perception, and Driving Behavior
Hagenmüller; BettinaInfluencing factors on the dimensionality of achievement tests for children and adolescents
Hartmann; Andre JulianMethodological challenges in experimental
research on tax compliance
Hartmann; HelenaAnother’s pain in my brain: Clarifying the specificity of the effects of placebo analgesia on empathy for pain
Hirsch; Stefanie (DE)Targeting the negative health-related impact of ethnic discrimination
Ignatiadis; Karolina (AT)Development and Adaptation of Auditory Processing Across the Human Lifespan
Jankowski; Julia Marie (DE)Why Try if Nothing Changes?  The Influence of Lay Theories of the World on Mobilizing Effort for the Environment and the Underlying Mechanisms
Karner; Alexander (AT)Towards a reward-enhanced, computerized intervention for specific phobias
using real-time fMRI
Klingel; MaikeReweighting of Binaural Cues: Generalizability and Applications in Cochlear Implant Listening
Krammer; InaUnderstanding supportive contact to promote supportive peer relations and to reduce peer related stress in the classroom via a digital intervention game
Kunz; SonjaThe unhealthy = tasty illusion: Pseudocontigencies in (un)healthiness and tastiness perceptions of food
Kutlikova; HanaThe Causal Role of Testosterone in Reputation-Based Prosocial Behaviour and Underlying Neural Mechanisms
Kühnapfel; Corinna (DE)Art and Engagement: The Role of the Body in Art Experience
Laaber; Franziska (AT)Establishing a Comprehensive Understanding and Measure of Children’s Digital Maturity
Lengersdorff; LukasInvestigating the neural bases of prosocial learning using computational models
Lindenbeck; Martin JuliusTowards improving selective hearing in cochlear implant listeners 
Lor; Cindy SumalyDeconsolidating fear memories with a neuro-control system
Lubert; VeronikaChoking Interventions for Performance under Pressure in the Performing Arts: Investigating Mechanisms and Effectiveness
Maidhof; Rosa MariaEffects of music characteristics on health
Marin; ManuelaComplexity and emotion in the visual and musical domains
Markey; PatrickHow we perceive content and style in art and what this does to us - implications of processes of intermediate and later stages of art perception
Massaccesi; ClaudiaState-dependent opioid modulation of human social reward: a multimethod and multilevel investigation
Meyer; EdoAutonomy, self-control and well-being in ICT-enabled boundaryless work enviroments
Michna; MelanieThe proximate cognitive and neural mechanisms of sexual objectification: from empathy to (pro)social behaviour
Mielacher; ClemensModulation of cognitive and affective functions in patient samples using noninvasive stimulation of hippocampal connectivity
Mikuš; NaceThe role of dopamine and opioid receptors in complex decision making
Mitrovic; AleksandraLook at beauty! Testing the influence of beauty on our perception
Mittmann; Gloria SophieInvestigating online interactions and interpersonal emotion regulation of early adolescents in the digital setting of a serious game
Mües; Hanna MariaThe interaction between stress-related disorders and sexual experience and behavior
Müller; MartinInformation acquisition and decision processes in tax compliance decisions
Nguyen; Quynh TrinhHow interpersonal rhythms affect bio-behavioral synchrony in parent-child interactions
Patterer; Ada Sil
Pivecka; Peer Niklas (DE)The (un)healthy = tasty intuition and social class: A pseudocontingency approach to explain nutritional inequality
Prinz; WolfgangMeasuring Mental Health in the Austrian Armed Forces: Is the Assessment of
ICD-11 Disorders Associated with Military Service Biased by Military Culture?
Pronizius; EkaterinaThe role of rTPJ and rSMG in self-other distinction: unitary or distinct mechanisms investigated by means of real-time fMRI neurofeedback and transcranial magnetic stimulation
Reiter; JuliaYouth Radicalization in Austria: Antecedents and Consequences
Schieß-Jokanovic; JenniferThe association of complex PTSD and post-migration living
difficulties in asylum seekers and refugees
Schirl; Jessica (AT)Associations between family conflicts and ADHD symptoms
Schleupner; Ricarda MariaStrategien für Ressourcenaktivierung und Mikro-Rollen-transitionen im Rahmen der Work-Nonwork-Schnittstelle
Schmid; Rebecca RosaMechanisms of visual attention: Parallel searching for multiple features
Schätz; Christina Maria (DE)The formation of object representations in the developing brain
Seeger; NataliaEmotion processing during social interaction in individuals with psychopathic traits
Slowik; AgnieszkaNew Approaches to Assess the Evidential Value of Empirical Research Findings: How Can We
Know What Is True in Psychological Science and Elsewhere?
Spee; Blanca Thea MariaNeuropsychopharmacology and Empirical Aesthetics: Effects on aesthetic states and the underlying functional neuro-networks
Springer; NadjaSpringer; Nadja
Steinfeld; Jan DietrichChallenges of adaptive testing: New insights and solutions from simulation studies.
Stiehl; Katharina Anna MariaEarly adolescents’ fears at school transition, attitude formation and social behaviour
Stijovic; AnaGetting what you like instead of what you need: the effects of aversive motivational states on seeking non-specific rewards
Straub; GloriaResilience in the Austrian Armed Forces: Multilevel Factors of Resilience and Their Role in a High-Risk Occupation
Straus; EvaHuman Resource Management in Times of Crisis: Employee support, selection and
Söllner; MartinMobilität im Alter: Selbstregulation im Kontext der Mobilität älterer Menschen
Trupp; Mackenzie DunhillArt and Wellbeing - Examining the circumstances and mechanism of art interventions
Tsarpalis-Fragkoulidis; Achilleas (EL)Please Don’t Compliment Me!
The Role of Fear of Positive Evaluation in Social Anxiety
Tschenett; Hannah (IT)Mindfulness and exacerbations: The feasibility and effectivity of a digital mindfulness-based intervention for COPD patients following acute exacerbations
Tünte; Markus RomanOn the relationship between interoception and social cognition in infancy
Uhlig; Lars UweThe Ambivalent Nature of Cognitive Demands
Vilsmeier; JohannesReplication Metrics for Psychological Science and Beyond
Windsperger; KarinDie Heterogenität des entwicklungspsychologischen Outcomes  von T21-Schwangerschaften:  Die Identifikation zugrunde liegender Subtypen  sowie ihre differenzierte Auswirkung auf die familiäre Belastungssituation
Wrbouschek; MarkusMoods in Transition - Towards a Non-Representationalist Theory of Moods as Liminal Experiences
Wucherer; Anna MariaModulation of empathy - clarifying the effects of imitation on empathy for pain
Zrnic; IrinaTowards a Healthy Adjustment: Mixed Methods Analysis of Positive and Negative Reactions to the COVID-19 Pandemic
van Eickels; Rahel Lea (DE)
Andisha; PouyaAfghan Asylum Seekers in Austria: Contextual Study of Forced Migration Related Mental Health Issues
Banki; Anna AndreaNeural entrainment to external rhythms in early social interactions
Belostotckaia; DariaPsychological effects of social interaction between elderly people and children without family ties: A predictor for subjective well-being
Donath; Johanna Lowis (DE)Learning in teacher professional development: Investigating the role of emotions
Fekete; AnnaThe beneficial effects of aesthetic experiences
Francis Xavier; DeeviyaTeam Creativity through the lens of Creative Collective Efficacy and Team Diversity
Garaus; MarionCeiling and negative spillover effects in brand alliances
Ghafari; HakimehExploring Subliminal Priming Effects in the Initial Stage of Hiring Process
Graf; ElisabethLearning and Knowing About Politics: The Role of Emotions
Grünzner; Maja (DE)Behavioural Approaches to the Microplastics Problem  and Potential Solutions
Luckgei; VeraFeministische Psychologie in Theorie und Praxis: Wiener Psychologinnen der 1980er und 1990er Jahre
Mikuni; JanMuseum fatigue: A cross-cultural investigation on decreased engagement to art
Muth; JoyTeaching to the test in Austrian secondary education
Oczlon; SophieThe role of in- and outgroup friendships in immigrant children and adolescents’ developmental and acculturative tasks
Pelikan; Elisabeth RosaEducation in crisis mode - The relevance of self-regulated learning and intrinsic motivation for
learning success in unplanned distance learning
Radjenovic; Sonja (RS)The Role of Age in the Experience of Significant Life Events
Schöllbauer; JuliaEffekte IT-gestützter flexibler Erwerbsarbeit auf psychische Erholung und die Rolle des aktiven Grenzmanagements
Siegel; MagdalenaQueer people in straight systems: The impact of sexual orientation laws on the health of sexual minorities
Song; YichenThe Effect of Music on Stress Recovery
Steiner; Katharina (AT)What does success look like? When is it beneficial to stick to category design codes for a new product launch.
Stempfer; Lisa (AT)Boredom and Performance: A meta-analysis and real-life studies