The Vienna Doctoral School in Cognition, Behavior and Neuroscience (VDS CoBeNe) was granted in 2016 as one of the first Doctoral Schools at the University of Vienna, and was based in the Faculty of Life Sciences. After integrating in 2020 the Faculty of Psychology, as well as researchers in the humanities, the VDS is now a major interdisciplinary Doctoral School at the University of Vienna. CoBeNe combines the strength of four main research areas: Psychological Science, Behavioral & Cognitive Biology, Neuroscience, and the Cognitive Humanities.

The aim of the VDS CoBeNe is to foster structured doctoral education at the University of Vienna and to create an environment supporting interdisciplinary research and research training. The school integrates excellent existing research centers in Cognition, Behavior, and Neuroscience in Vienna. These centers were previously mostly independent, and range from molecular/cellular/developmental biology to psychological sciences and the humanities.

The mission of the Vienna Doctoral School in Cognition, Behavior and Neuroscience is to enhance academic and professional development of graduate students, advance intellectual communication and scholarship across disciplines, and promote cultural diversity, scientific integrity, and international collaboration.



We are excited to announce that the next international Computational Psychiatry Course organised by the Translational Neuromodeling Unit (TNU; PI:...


We would like to invite all of the Life Sciences PhD candidates and Master students to a digital roundtable event with the new data steward, Dr. Emily...


The aim of these meetings is to bring together researchers and philosophy students who are interested in the theoretical approaches to cognition.


The department of Material Sciences and Process Engineering, Institute of Physics and Material Science is seeking a Postgraduate Research Associate


We are excited to invite you to the talk provided by Prof. Maurice Grinberg at the Cognitive Science Research Center from the New Bulgarian...


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Bruce Johnson from the University of Arizona in Tucson (USA) is a renowned environmental education researcher, especially in the field...



Public Defense in the Doctoral Research Field: Psychology

''The Effects of Selective Attention on Preferences in Choice Situations''


Public Defense in the Doctoral Research Field: Psychology

''Learning in Times of Crisis: The Role of Basic Psychological Need Satisfaction, Intrinsic...


Public Defense in the Doctoral Research Field: Biology

''Mechanisms, components and promoters of innovation in birds and humans''.


Public Defense in the Doctoral Research Field: Psychology

''Political development between politicization and radicali-zation: Understanding and...


Public Defense in the Doctoral Research Field: Psychology

“Think About Food: How People Form Perceptions of the Relationship Between Health and Taste...


Public Defense in the Doctoral Research Field: Psychology

“Reweighting of Binaural Cues: Generalizability and Applications in

Cochlear Implant...



Thomas Bugnyar, 2022, Brandstätter Verlag. Sie sind bekannt für ihre verblüffende Intelligenz, für das clevere Benutzen von Werkzeugen und für ihr...


Jakob Pietschnig, 2021, Ecowin. Was Intelligenz ist, wie man sie messen kann und warum das so spannend ist, erklärt der österreichische...


Angela Stöger, Brandtstätter Verlag, 2021. Wie Tiere kommunizieren und was wir lernen, wenn wir ihnen wirklich zuhören