Welcome at the Vienna Doctoral School in Cognition, Behaviour and Neuroscience


The VDS CoBeNe is one of four Doctoral Schools at the University of Vienna established in March 2016. It aims to foster interdisciplinary interactions between research groups in cognitive-, behavioural- and neurosciences at University of Vienna through a coordinated, structured and internationally recognized PhD education.
The mission of the VDS CoBeNe is to enhance academic and professional development of PhD candidates, to advance intellectual communication and scholarship across disciplines and to promote cultural diversity, scientific integrity and international collaboration.

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3 summer schools in 2018

Thank you to each of those PhD fellows who have submitted their proposals for a VDS CoBeNe summer school 2018! After careful consideration, we decided to finance all three accepted proposals:

  1. Patrick Markey, Jürgen Goller, Eva Specker, Felix Haiduk, Jane Boddy: "Perspectives in Neuroaesthetics – Exploring different scientific approaches and views of investigating aesthetic experiences in the human brain"
  2. Felix Haiduk, Veronika Beeck, Theresa Rößler, Sabrina Brettoni, Sabrina Karl, Christian Blum, Katharina Wenig: "Statistical Design and Modelling for Small Sample Size"

  3. Verena Pühringer-Sturmayr, Lara Iaiza, Arno Cimadom: "CITIZEN SCIENCE in theory and practice"

Our Office

You can find our office at Althanstraße 14, Department of Cognitive Biology, 1090 Vienna.