Funding Programs for Early Career Researches

Here you can find information about funding possibilities for your PhD project, grants and fellowships as well as grants for studying abroad. For details regarding the eligibility, deadlines, application and selection process please follow the provided links.

CoBeNe Grants

External grants

DOC Scholarship (ÖAW)

The DOC Fellowship Programme of the Austrian Academy of Science offers funding for highly qualified doctoral candidates in all areas of research. The fellowships in the amount of 38,000 Euros allow young researches to dedicate themselves to working in focused fashion to complete their doctoral thesis with a clear timeframe.

DOC- Team Scholarship (ÖAW)

With the DOC-team funding programme, the Austrian Academy of Sciences puts together temas of 3 to 4 doctoral candidates from the humanities and the social and cultural sciences to develop interdisciplinary solutions to problems. Involvement of doctoral candidates from the fields of the natural sciences, medicine or technology is desirable. 

Short-term grants abroad(KWA)

If scientific work (e.g. laboratory work, field studies, research in archieves, libraries, academic collections, etc) is necessary within the scope of your diploma/master's thesis or dissertation, you can apply for a short-term grant abroad (KWA).

Marietta Blau Grant (ÖAW)

The Marietta Blau Grant offers financial support for six- to twelve-month study periods abroad for doctoral or PhD students of Austrian universities. It serves to optimise their dissertations. Junior researchers are the main target group.

Completion grant (external)

Dimitrov fellowship, in the duration between 3 to 6 months, is offered by the ÖAW (Austrian Academy of Science). PhD candidates with dissertation in the field of natural sciences are eligible to apply. Therefore the aim group for this completion grant are our Psychology PhD candidates enrolled in Natural Sciences. Please visit their website to get the essential information regarding the path to the fellowship.

List of external fundings