VDS CoBeNe PhD-Seed Grants

The VDS CoBeNe Seed grant is intended to help PhD candidates with no or not much financial support from third party funds of their supervisors. The goal is to support conference presentations, fill knowledge gaps and produce research suitable for publication in academic journals. Currently every PhD candidate can apply for max. 2000 euros (as long as there are no budget reductions). The seed money is approved only for the current calendar year.


  • Application deadline: continuously open for the current calendar year (depending on the available budget)
  • Amount: up to € 2.000,- for direct costs, including personnel (e.g. participants fee, technician) and non-personnel costs, including event travel & accommodation, materials and supplies.
  • Duration: usable until the end of current year


All VDS CoBeNe PhD fellows are eligible to apply i) for travel support or ii) for material and/or labor support with the given forms. The decision upon the grant allocation will be made on an individual base by the (vice-) DSPL for each research discipline: Psychological Sciences I Behavioural & Cognitive Biology I Neuroscience I Cognitive Humanities

Seed Grant Selection Criteria:

  • Clear and concise description of the proposed measure
  • Decisive arguments for the need of the measure within the PhD project
  • Support and specification of the importance of the measure
  • Compliance with the regulations for PhD candidates (FÖP, doctoral thesis agreement, annual reports, TAC meetings)


  • Email to vds.cobene@univie.ac.at either the form for travel support or material and/or labor support
  • We can't tell you in advance, if your request will be approved, please directly send in the application form!
  • We can only charge costs to correct official invoices. No booking confirmations or similar!!!. Please ask for each cost item for a correct invoice (including:name of the company, name of the service, invoice date, invoice amount)!