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 VDS CoBeNe Education

The VDS CoBeNe educational program is designed to:

  • reflect the range of its fields
  • allow in-depth training in the specific research field, and
  • to experience training in transferable skills and scientific exchange

Furthermore, it is designed to allow a high degree of flexibility in terms of what to get the credits for (e.g., specific training in concepts/methods, transferable skills, or presenting at national and international conferences, but in any case adhering to the individual curricula and required ECTS.



When: Wednesday - Friday, 1st - 3rd February 2023
Where: University of Vienna, Main Building, Universitätsring 1, 1010 Vienna

The second PhD academy was a great success - For the first time PhD candidates were able to present their impressive and divers projects in person to each other. We had 200 registered participants. 55 oral presentations by PhD candidates, 20 poster presentations by Master students and 4 plenary talks by invited alumni as well as a panel discussion. The PhD academy was a great sucess for all groups involved (PhD students, PIs, alumni, master students and peers) and has already become the central social, communicative and scientific event of the VDS CoBeNe. Full report and pictures can be found here.

 News & Events

21.04.2023 11:46

Summer school combined with the writing retreat is a 5 day event suitable for PhDs and early Post Docs in Psychology, which is taking place in Spital...


Researches who would like to present their topic to a new audience are invited to participate in the Children's University activities 2023.


Seven public lectures from the Vienna CogSciHub environment will take place in the summer semester 2023 as part of the Young Science event series at...


Papers in all disciplines of social sciences, humanities and law are eligible for submission.


The summer school establishes an interdisciplinary approach to understand, examine and address the negotiations that determine current and future...


Online training on transversal issues for Early-Career Researches

Several training sessions are available online on transversal issues for Early-Career Researches.



Public Defense in the Doctoral Research Field: Psychology

“Think About Food: How People Form Perceptions of the Relationship Between Health and Taste...


Public Defense in the Doctoral Research Field: Psychology

“Reweighting of Binaural Cues: Generalizability and Applications in

Cochlear Implant...


Public Defense in the Doctoral Research Field: Psychology

“Beiträge zur Modellierung latenter Variablen in Multistage Designs”


Public Defense in the Doctoral Research Field: Psychology

“Entscheidungsfindung im onkologischen Kontext. Ein multiperspektivischer Ansatz”


PhD Defense of Mario Gallego-Abenza, 30.09.2022, 17:00

Public Defense in the Doctoral Research Field: Biology.

"Social cognition and fission-fusion dynamics in non-breeder Common ravens (Corvus corax)”


PhD Defense of Magdalena Boch: 30.09.2022, 15:00

Public Defense in the Doctoral Research Field: Psychology.

"How dogs and humans perceive and understand each other: a comparative neuroimaging...



Thomas Bugnyar, 2022, Brandstätter Verlag. Sie sind bekannt für ihre verblüffende Intelligenz, für das clevere Benutzen von Werkzeugen und für ihr...


Jakob Pietschnig, 2021, Ecowin. Was Intelligenz ist, wie man sie messen kann und warum das so spannend ist, erklärt der österreichische...


Angela Stöger, Brandtstätter Verlag, 2021. Wie Tiere kommunizieren und was wir lernen, wenn wir ihnen wirklich zuhören