Into Science Seminar Retreat

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Within the first phase of the PhD, CoBeNe PhD candidates are encouraged to participate in the "Into Science" seminar retreat (each SS, seminar 540003). The aim of this seminar is to teach skills and competencies that are essential for a successful PhD and to build a strong peer group. PhD candidates will be confronted with the challenges of an early career researcher and reflect and discuss possible coping strategies. In the seminar, PhD candidates will develop and improve their skills in critical thinking and insight, science communication and independence.

This seminar is recommended for every CoBeNe PhD candidate, but there is only a limited number of places.

Into Science Retreat 2023

 When: 18.09.-20.09.2023

 Where: Illmitz, Lake Neusiedl

The first Into Science Seminar Retreat took place at the Seminarhotel Nationalpark in Illmitz on Lake Neusiedl and covered a 2.5-day program with various topics. On this adventure, PIs and PhD candidates from all CoBeNe disciplines participated and were able to engage in lively interdisciplinary exchange. The PhD candidates were able to learn about the concepts of science, in particular its challanges, opportunities and motivations in doing science. Moreover, each candidate had a chance to learn how to present their research in 3 minutes.

Besides the multifaceted interdisciplinary exchange, the participants practiced presenting themselves as young scientists and highlighting their own scientific work. In addition to a precise and clear illustration of one's own research it is important to strengthen individual skills as needed and to develop strategies to deal with challenging situations to become a successful, independent researcher. We took time to reflect on some of the numerous and useful skills and possibilities or to try out a relaxation exercise ourselves. The experiences and the exchange at the retreat are meant to provide the early career researchers with some basics and to open up possibilities for personal development. We would like to thank all participants for their interesting presentations, fruitful discussions and a very cooperative and collegial atmosphere. We are very much looking forward to the next Into Science Retreat!

 Who: PhD candidates & two lecturers from each CoBeNe discipline

We thank all participants for their interesting presentations, fruitful discussions and a very cooperative and collegial atmosphere.

PhD candidates:

  • 14 PhD candidates from Psychology
  • 4 PhD candidates from Behavioral and Cognitive Biology
  • 7 PhD candidates from the Cognitive Humanities
  • 4 from PhD candidates Neuroscience

Lecturers & Coordinator:

  • Julia Crone and Ulrich Ansorge (Psychology)
  • Thomas Bugnyar and Petra Sumasgutner (Behavioral and Cognitive Biology)
  • Dalina Kallulli and Jutta Mueller (Cognitive Humanities)
  • Thomas Hummel and Manuel Zimmer (Neuroscience)
  • Katja Hellekes (CoBeNe Office)