The Structure and Aims of VDS CoBeNe

© Tibor Kulcsar

Scientifically, the VDS CoBeNe focus on four independent programs, each identifying a key topic in Cognitive Science and/or Neuroscience.

The programs have been formed bottom-up and are already represented by groups of PIs and PhD candidates who share common interests and expertise in related research topics, and complementary methodologies, often already with joint funded projects.

Each program will have roughly the size of 5-10 PIs, the total number of CoBeNe PhD fellows will be around 50. Some of them also participate in the VBC PhD Programme, thus our mission is aligned with the one of the VBC PhD Programme.



VDS CoBeNe currently builds on four identified research foci as organizational units:

  1. Development and Evolution of Nervous Systems
  2. Sensory Systems and Brain Circuits
  3. Sociality and Communication
  4. Perception, Emotion and Aesthetics

Researchers from 5 different UniVie faculties and 2 research institutions interact across these research foci, bridging from molecular and cellular biology to psychology, cognition and humanities. All CoBeNe faculty member are listed in the programs they are belonging to.

The strategic aims of VDS CoBeNe are:

  • to improve standards, optimize quality and efficiency in PhD education
  • to enable exchange of information, transfer of knowledge within and across disciplines
  • to form an internationally recognized critical mass of highly motivated PhD candidates
  • to enhance mobility and networking opportunities
  • to have access to additional funding, e.g. FENS-funded educational support