Part A: Big Picture

The goal of the course Introduction to CoBeNe is to provide PhD candidates an overview of the core research disciplines, concepts, and methods existing at UniVie; it shall be taught by a selection of PIs from Psychology, Behavior & Cognition, Neuroscience, and Cognitive Humanities (3-4 units each) every winter semester, starting in 2021. PhD candidates are encouraged to take this course within their first year.

The PhD academy elaborates on the idea of a common (brownbag-like) seminar for all VDS CoBeNe members. Its goal is to provide PhD candidates the opportunity to present their proposal and yearly progress to the entire CoBeNe group in a meeting-like format (with parallel sessions, break out groups for discussions; coffee breaks and finger-food, if allowed); the academy will be organized as a two-days block once per semester, starting in WS 2021/22; all PIs and PhD candidates are expected to participate in the event, ideally every semester but at least once a year.

The goal of the Into Science seminar is to confront PhD candidates with the challenges of being junior researcher (from drafting a proposal to publishing papers) and discuss possible coping strategies; it will be taught by a selection of PIs and offered via a combination of pre-recorded sessions and in-presence discussions, starting in WS 2022/23.

Part B: Topic-Specific Training

While the courses and credits offered in part A are independent of the PhD candidate’s research field, the rest of the training shall be specific to the PhD’s conceptual and methodological skills and needs and typically focus on existing course work offered within one of the four research programs.

Part C: General Training

PhD candidates can get credits from courses focused on the training of transferable skills, from participations at conferences and lab-visits and the organization of student conferences and summer schools.