540003 SE - Introduction to CoBeNe


The goal of this seminar is to provide PhD candidates an overview of the research disciplines, concepts, and methods offered within the VDS Cognition, Behavior and Neuroscience (CoBeNe). Faculty members from the four core disciplines Psychological Science, Behavioral & Cognitive Biology, Neurosciences, and Cognitive Humanities will introduce their fields, summarize the main topics and approaches, and explain state-of-the art research with informative examples, highlighting conceptual and/or methodological cross-connections between disciplines.

The learning outcome shall be i) knowledge about the CoBeNe disciplines at University Vienna and ii) awareness of the current research foci and methods used. Interdisciplinary thinking will be fostered by raising awareness for similarities and differences in the conceptual and methodological approaches within and between disciplines.

Course directory WS 2021/22

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540003 SE en MIXED Introduction to CoBeNe

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540005 SE en REMOTE Research Seminar - Neuroscience of Language

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540013 SE de en REMOTE Seminar for Doctoral Students

Elective Courses

PhD candidates are also able to further their education by attending other courses, seminars, workshops and scientific meetings throughout the duration of their PhD.

  • Monday, September 6th 2021 at 3:00 PM. Dr. Markus Boeckle, Self Management and Well-Being for Early Career Researchers. More information for this virtual talk here
  • Thursday, September 9th to Friday, September 10th, 9:00 AM to 16:30 PM, and
    Thursday, September 16th to Friday, September 17th, 9:00 AM to 16:30 PM, Virtual Workshop Series: Between failure and success - What is a healthy PhD mindset? More information here.