Part 1: General training

VDS CoBeNe offers two courses that are mandatory for all PhD candidates: a lecture series ‘Introduction to CoBeNe’ and a seminar ‘Into Science’. Both courses are taught by a broad selection of PIs, covering the main programs. The goal of the lecture series is to provide PhD candidates with an overview of the core research disciplines, concepts, and methods of cognitive, behavioral, and neurobiological research in Vienna. The goal of the seminar is to confront PhD candidates with the challenges of being junior researcher (from drafting a proposal to publishing papers) and to discuss possible coping strategies. Accordingly, both courses should be taken by the PhD candidates in the first year of their studies.

In addition to these new, VDS CoBeNe specific courses, PhD candidates can get credits from courses focused on the training of transferable skills, from participation at conferences and lab-visits to the organization of student conferences and summer schools. Participation in these activities is encouraged, but not mandatory. The organization of transferable skill training is aligned with the UniVie Research Services and Career Development Unit.

  • Introduction to the VDS CoBeNe: Lecture Series, mandatory, 1 ECTS   
  • Into Science: Seminar, mandatory, 3 ECTS
  • Transferable skills, e.g., Presenting/Communicating, Scientific Writing/Publishing, Doing Open Science, Research Integrity/Ethics, Epistemology and Methodology, Statistics and Data Analysis, Project Management, Networking: optional choices, up to 10 ECTS
  • Conferences, Lab-visits: optional choices, up to 10 ECTS
  • Student-organized conferences and summer schools: optional choices, up to 10 ECTS


Part 2: Specific training

While the courses and credits offered in Part 1 are independent of the PhD candidate’s research field, the training in Part 2 is specific to the PhD’s conceptual and methodological skills and needs and typically focus on existing course work offered in Psychological Science, Behavioural & Cognitive Biology, Neuroscience and Cognitive Humanities. 

  • Lecture Series within research field and/or program: existing seminar(s) in respective faculties (e.g., Psychology, Biology, Neuroscience, CogSci Hub, Max Perutz Labs) with the goal of presenting and discussing current work and/or hot topics, 3 ECTS
  • Journal Club: existing seminar(s) in respective research groups (e.g., Cognitive Biology, SCAN Unit) with the goal of discussing recent literature, 2 ECTS
  • Methods and tools: practical courses, e.g., in advanced statistics, computer simulation, modelling, methods in lab and field research, etc., up to 10 ECTS