VDS CoBeNe uni:docs PhD call

We are looking for motivated and ambitious junior researchers, who are excited about their scientific discipline but also for inspiration for thinking outside the box. We expect our CoBeNe PhD fellows to contribute to the ideas of the doctoral school, but we also provide numerous benefits and support for career development.

The uni:docs fellowship offers individual scholarships which aim at financing excellent doctoral candidates. Successful fellows are employed at the University of Vienna for a period of three years. The fellowship provides outstanding early stage researchers with conditions that allow them to focus exclusively on their research, to receive excellent hands-on research training from their supervisors, and to thus make substantial contributions to science.

Closed VDS CoBeNe uni:docs PhD calls

Cognition and Communication PhD call 2020


The FWF funded doctoral program in Cognition and Communication III offers 7 three year PhD positions at the University of Vienna and 3 three year PhD positions at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna in both cases with the potential prolongation of another 12 months. The goal is to train graduate students to conduct interdisciplinary research into cognition and communication from a biological viewpoint, with a focus on how animals including humans solve real- world problems, such as communicating and interacting with conspecifics in daily social life.

The trainees will learn to study animal and human behavior in a variety of cognitive and ethological frameworks in both the laboratory and in the field and could work with a diversity of species including reptiles (crocodilians), birds (e.g., pigeons, corvids, parrots, Darwin’s finches), elephants, pigs, canids (wolves and dogs), humans (including brain imaging), and nonhuman primates (marmosets).

Supervision is in the hands of 10 internationally respected scientists, Tecumseh Fitch (speaker), Ludwig Huber (co-speaker), Thomas Bugnyar, Leonida Fusani, Stefanie Höhl, Sonia Kleindorfer, Claus Lamm, Friederike Range, Angela Stoeger, and Sabine Tebbich. For more information see our flyer.