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The University of Vienna is one of the oldest and largest institution of higher education in Europe, founded in 1365 by Duke Rudolph IV. It consists of 19 facilities and centers with around 10,000 employees, making it Austria's largest research and education institute. It has a diverse range of programs, strong focus on research and innovation as well as rich history. Moreover, the university has beed associated with 16 Nobel prize winners and bas been home to many scholars of historical and academic importance. 

Vienna certainly is an international city with a diverse population and many international students. Starting your PhD in a foreign, international country is surely fascinating. You will have the opportunity to expand your social network and become a part of a scientific community, celebrate small and big successes and learn how to overcome setbacks as well. We are aware that moving to another country also has its difficulties. Therefore we will highlight some of the most frequently asked questions and provide related helpful links.

Vienna - a place to cross cultures

Vienna is the capital of Austria and it comprises of 23 districts, called 'Bezirke'. The first district is known as Innere Stadt and forms the historical core of the city. It is the heart of Vienna, surrounded by many popular tourists attractions such as Stephen's Cathedral, Kärtner Straße, shopping street and so on. The town is a perfect combination of culture, music and art. While walking through the beautiful streets of Vienna, you certainly noticed that Vienna's architecture combines imperial Baroque with modernist buildings.

The city is home to classical art and houses the best Austrian art collection from the middle ages. It is a place where cultures cross and it is know for its rich cultural heritage. For instance Belvedere Museum is a home to the largest collection of Gustav Klimt's paintings, the Schönbrun Palace is a celestial palace that attracts many visitors, the Hofburg Palace which is a former principal imperial palace of the Habsburg dynasty and today is a hotspot for museums and events. 

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