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Block event: Into Science (3 ECTS)

Within the first phase of the PhD, CoBeNe students are encouraged to participate in the "Into Science" block event. This seminar aims to prime skills and competencies that are essential for a successful PhD. 
Learning Outcome: to confront with the challenges of being an early stage researcher and reflect and discuss possible coping strategies. Start will be in summer semester 2023.

The goal of this seminar is to provide PhD candidates an overview of the research disciplines, concepts, and methods offered within the VDS Cognition, Behavior and Neuroscience (CoBeNe). Faculty members from the four core disciplines Psychological Science, Behavioral & Cognitive Biology, Neurosciences, and Cognitive Humanities will introduce their fields, summarize the main topics and approaches, and explain state-of-the art research with informative examples, highlighting conceptual and/or methodological cross-connections between disciplines.

The learning outcome shall be i) knowledge about the CoBeNe disciplines at University Vienna and ii) awareness of the current research foci and methods used. Interdisciplinary thinking will be fostered by raising awareness for similarities and differences in the conceptual and methodological approaches within and between disciplines.
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Course directory WS22

540003 SE en Introduction to CoBeNe

540004 SE de en DissertantInnen-Seminar - Lifelong learning: emotions, motivation, self-regulation, and well-being in educational settings

540005 SE en Forschungsseminar - Neuroscience of Language

540007 SE de en DissertantInnen-Seminar - Trends in cognitive and affective neuroscience

540008 SE de en Forschungsseminar - Doing Open Science

540009 SE de en Forschungsseminar - Scientific Writing

540010 SE de en DissertantInnen-Seminar - Mental health and disorders: stress, prevention, and interventions

540011 SE de en Forschungsseminar - Verantwortung für die Zukunft (mit)tragen die Dritte Mission: Konzepte, Umsetzungen und Herausforderungen

540012 SE de en DissertantInnen-Seminar - Neuroaesthetics: beauty, attraction, and the arts

540013 SE de en DissertantInnen-Seminar - Behavior, changes, and decisions in work, organizational, consumer, and societal contexts

540014 SE de en DissertantInnen-Seminar - Social and cognitive lifespan development: individual differences, intraindividual changes, and their assessment

540016 SE de en DissertantInnen-Seminar - Mental health and disorders: brain-behavior pathways, trauma, and resilience

540017 SE de en DissertantInnen-Seminar - Research about research: metascience, meta-analysis, research practices, and analysis of scientific discourses

540018 SE de en DissertantInnen-Seminar - Proenvironmental and health behaviors, prosociality, sustainability, and climate action