Central Topics in Situated Cognition Conference, Ruhr-University Bochum, Zemos, 5-6.10.2023


The Research Training Group ‘Situated Cognition’ will start its training generation of twelve new PhD students, with the second cohort simultaneously finalizing their projects. At this unique point of time, they would like to unite all three generations of PhDs together with many current, former and future members and collaborators, both internal and external.

Some of the topics which will be covered:

  • Situated affectivity
  • Situated agency
  • Situated clinical psychology
  • Philosophy of science on the situated mind
  • Situated behavioral neuroscience
  • Situated health science and medicine
  • Situated animal cognition
  • Situated social cognition

Dates: 5.10-6.10.2023
Place: Ruhr-University Bochum, Zemos
If interested, please check out the program and register via rtg-situatedcognition@rub.de