Group Coaching: Well-Being for Early Career Researchers

Feeling tired, isolated and stressed? Problems with your supervisor? Working 24/7 but not getting many things done? Feeling stuck? Feeling guilty for taking a day off?

These are all common experiences in early research careers. While life of a PhD candidate is not easy it can be easier with group coaching on hand. Academic work is a creative process which takes a great deal of self‐motivation and often it is quite a solitary activity which requires a lot of discipline and persistence. This can make you feel insecure and lose motivation. Group-coaching is an opportunity to reach the goal of a successful career with a focus on your personal well-being.

Target Group: VDS CoBeNe PhD students in any phase of their project who would like to monitor their own progress within a group of PhD students supervised by a trained psychotherapist and coach, Dr. Markus Boeckle.

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New Time Schedule: 

  • Wednesday, October 19th 2022, 5:00-6:40 PM
  • Tuesday, November 08th 2022, 5:00-6:40 PM
  • Tuesday, November 22nd 2022, 5:00-6:40 PM
  • Tuesday, December 13th 2022, 5:00-6:40 PM
  • Tuesday, January 10th 2023, 5:00-6:40 PM

Talk: Self-Management and Well-Being for Early Career Researchers Candidates

The entrance to the university marks a period of transition for young people. Through this transition higher education students face new challenges, such as making independent decisions about their lives and studies, adjusting to the academic demands of a challenging learning environment, and interacting with a diverse range of new people. In addition, many students must, sometimes for the first time, leave their homes and distance themselves from their support network.

These challenges can affect mental health and well-being of early career researchers. Indeed, there is evidence that a strain on mental health is placed on students once they start at the university, and although it decreases throughout their studies (Macaskill, 2013; Mey and Yind, 2015), it does not return to pre-university level.

The ECR team at the Faculty of Psychology and the VDS CoBeNe invited Dr. Markus Boeckle, a senior postdoc at the Karl Landsteiner University for Health Sciences and psychotherapist, to give us an overview on the current research on mental health and well-being in science, and possible ways to approach and implement support services.

The virtual talk "Self-Management and Well-Being for Early Career Researchers" from 6.9.2021  was recorded and is available on demand here.

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