Chiara Alberti, PhD 

defended on March 15th 2019,
"Dissecting the contribution of microRNAs to nervous system development and function in C. elegans"
Supervisor: Louisa Cochella, IMP



Giulia Cimarelli, PhD

defended on March 5th 2018,
"Do dogs consider their owners their “best friends”? Evolutionary and developmental origins of the dog-human relationship: a behavioural, epigenetic and physiological analysis", 
Supervisor: Ludwig Huber, Department of Cognitive Biology

Harris Kaplan, PhD 

defended on July 15th 2019,
"Neural circuit organization underlying behavior in C. elegans"
Supervisor: Manuel Zimmer, IMP



Rashmit Kaur, PhD

defended on January 14th 2019,
"Molecular mechanism coordinating sensory axon branching and targeting in the Drosophila olfactory system",
Supervisor: Thomas Hummel, Department of Neurobiology

Arno Cimadom 

defended on May 13th 2020, "Living at the edge: The impact of an introduced parasite and habitat change on the breeding success of Darwin’s finches". Supervisor: Sabine Tebbich, Department of Behavioural Biology.



Andrea Ferretti

defended on February 24th 2020, "How to recover after a long flight: rest patterns in migratory birds". Supervisor: Leonida Fusani, Department of Cognitive Biology.