VDS CoBeNe Education

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 VDS CoBeNe Education

The VDS CoBeNe educational program is designed to:

  • reflect the range of its fields
  • allow in-depth training in the specific research field, and
  • to experience training in transferable skills and scientific exchange

Furthermore, it is designed to allow a high degree of flexibility in terms of what to get the credits for (e.g., specific training in concepts/methods, transferable skills, or presenting at national and international conferences, but in any case adhering to the individual curricula and required ECTS.



Courses for all VDS CoBeNe PhD candidates

Lecture Series: Introduction to CoBeNe (1 ECTS)

The goal of this course is to provide PhD candidates an overview of the research disciplines, concepts, and methods offered within the VDS Cognition, Behavior and Neuroscience. Faculty members from the four core disciplines Psychological Science, Behavioral & Cognitive Biology, Neurosciences, and Cognitive Humanities will introduce their fields, summarize the main topics and approaches, and explain state-of-the art research with informative examples, highlighting conceptual and/or methodological cross-connections between disciplines. 

The learning outcome shall be i) knowledge about the CoBeNe disciplines at University Vienna and ii) awareness of the current research foci pursued and methods used. Interdisciplinary thinking will be fostered by raising awareness for similarities and differences in the conceptual and methodological approaches within and between disciplines.

Conference: CoBeNe PhD Academy (4 ECTS for presentation only)

This interdisciplinary CoBeNe PhD Academy connects like-minded, enthusiastic early stage researchers, presenting their PhD projects, methods and outcome in the multifaceted field of Psychology, Biology and the Cognitive Humanities in a conference-like format with parallel sessions, break-out groups for discussions, etc. Learning Outcomes: Learning by doing, presenting on your research, engage in discussion, receive feedback and give feedback, profit from an interdisciplinary peer-group. Both PhD candidates and PIs are expected to participate once a year.

Block Event: Into Science (3 ECTS)

Within the first phase of the PhD, CoBeNe students are encouraged to participate in the "Into Science" block event. This seminar aims to prime skills and competencies that are essential for a successful PhD. 
Learning Outcome: to confront with the challenges of being an early stage researcher and reflect and discuss possible coping strategies. Start will be in summer semester 2023.

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