1st Annual Doctoral Student Conference VDS CoBeNe PhD Academy

When: 3rd -4th February 2022,
Where: online, Whova & Gathertown

Great successs for the first VDS CoBeNe PhD Academy!

On February 3rd and 4th this interdisciplinary student-organized conference brought together 162 registered attendees from the four core disciplines of the VDS CoBeNe: Psychology, Behavioural and Cognitive biology, Neuroscience and the Cognitive Humanities. Over 60 talks by PhD students, 19 poster submissions by Master Students and four plenary talks from University of Vienna alumni, Eva Specker, Maxime Garcia, Andreas Baumann and Joanna Karzcanowska were held. See the program here.

The event concluded with a panel discussion on interdisciplinary work cultures and life after the PhD, including different possible career paths. The prizes for best talk, best poster, best conference picture and most engaged member went to: Christian Blum (Departement of Behavioural and Cognitive Biology) for his talk “Learning about artificial predators in Common ravens (Corvus corax)”, Pia Böhm (Department of Behavioral and Cognitive Biology) for her poster “Pair bond quality in female homosexual consortships in Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata)”, Sarah Emser (Department of Behavioral and Cognitive Biology) for the best picture with the caption: “My name is Ricardo and my mum and I are enjoying the conference very much! I am looking forward to presenting in about 25 years :)”, and to Margarita Artemis Milidakis for being the most active member of the community on our online platform Whova.

The VDS CoBeNe thanks the organizing team Lisa-Claire Vanhooland, Anna Miscena, Julia Reiter, and Stephan Lechner who did an excellent job! 

Best Poster Prize: Pia Böhm

Best Talk Prize: Christian Blum

Best Photo Prize: Sarah Emser

virtual poster session in gathertown