• Enrollment status confirmation

    You can obtain your enrollment confirmation via u:space. For contact details for certain types of confirmations (such as actively enrolled students, former enrolled students and confirmations of third parties) please see the homepage for information. 

  • Visa and residence permit

    All candidates from non-EU/EEA countries are defined as Third Country Citizens. Candidates staying more than 3 months need to apply for a valid residence permit. All the necessary information can be found in the handbook of Austrian Agency for International Mobility and Cooperation in Education, Science and Research (OeAD). 

    There are specific requirements, documents and deadlines which are necessary for the renewal of the residence permit. As the rules are susceptible to change, please always refer to the information on the website of OeAD, where everything is detailed and regulary updated. 

    Doctoral candidates are students at the University of Vienna and can apply for the visa and residence permit 'student'. 

    Only in the case you are employed by the University of Vienna the categories 'visiting lecturer, researcher, scientist' apply to you. 

    You can find here the list of the Laison Officers, which are the first contact persons for academic staff (prae and postdocs) from third countries. They can provide you more information about the visa and residence permit.

  • Renewal of the residence permit

    Please keep in mind that the residence permit needs to be prolonged each year (earliest three months before the expiration date). 

    For the renewal you need to collect 16 ECTS per academic year or eight semester hours. Alternatively, you may submit a confirmation of your academic progress signed by your academic supervisor.

    For detailed information please follow: Residence Permit – Student mobility programme | OeAD, Austria's Agency for Education and Internationalisation

  • Accommodation

    The University of Vienna does not provide housing for incoming candidates. However, there are various organizations which are managing students halls.

    On the following websites you can find the list of all student's halls:

    We highly recommend to apply for the student's halls several months before the start of a new semester since they can be fully booked. 

    Additionally there are many websites offering private housing, such as shared apartments or flats.

    Here we provide the most common websites:

  • Tuition fee

    Every student enrolled at the University of Vienna has to pay the Students' union fee and/or the tuition fee before the due date. The tuition fee varies depending on your citizenship:

    As an non EU/EEA citizen you are required to pay the tuition fee for each semester in order to continue your studies. The amount you need to pay for the tuition fee is 726.42 Euro plus the Student's union fee, which is 22.70 Euro.

    There are certain exceptions that apply, e.g. whether you are a student from designated developing country, Ukrainian and Iranian Citizens and so on. More information about these details can be found here

    As an EU/EEA/CH citizen you do not have to pay your tuition fee, where for each citizen there are two additional semesters of tolerance. You are obliged though to pay the Students' Union fee (22.70 Euro). If your studies exceed the two extra semesters, the tuition fee (363.36 Euro) has to be paied in addition to the Students' Union fee.

    • Bachelor programme

    The standard duration of the Bachelor degree program includes 6 semesters and two semesters of tolarence. If the duration of your studies exceeds the two tolarence semesters, then you have to pay the aforementioned tuition fee from your 9th semester. 

    • Master degree

    The Master degree program has a duration of 4 semesters with two tolerance semesters. Therefore, you would only have to pay the tuition fee from the 7th semester onwards.

    • Doctorate program

    The Doctorate/PhD program has a duration of 6 semesters plus 2 semesters of tolerance. Therefore, you would only have to pay the tuition fee from the 9th semester onwards.

    You can find your fee in u:space under Financial Matters - Tuition fee/Student's Union fee
    The number of semesters you are allowed to study without paying the fee can be found in u:space under Studies - Study Overview

  • Reimbursement and remission of the tuition fee

    For instance, if you payed too much for your tuition fee or you payed too little and therefore lost the admission at the University of Vienna, you can apply for reimbursement. It is important to have in mind that you need to apply for the reimbursement before the deadline, otherwise your application is going to be rejected without exception. More information about the accepted reasons for reimbursement can be found here.

    You can also apply for remission, and if accepted, you still have to pay the Students' Union fee. Information such as reasons for remission, required documents and deadlines can be found here

  • Affilation Policy

    Employee of the University of Vienna, [Researcher Name]a,b
    a Department of Behavioral and Cognitive Biology, University of Vienna, Djerassiplatz 1 (UBB), 1030, Vienna, Austria.
    Vienna Doctoral School in Cognition, Behavior and Neuroscience, University of Vienna, Djerassiplatz 1 (UBB), 1030, Vienna, Austria.

    Not an employee of the University of Vienna, [Researcher Name]
    Vienna Doctoral School in Cognition, Behavior and Neuroscience, University of Vienna, Djerassiplatz 1 (UBB), 1030, Vienna, Austria.

    Employee of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW), [Researcher Name]a,b
    a Acoustic Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Wohllebengasse 12-14, 1040 Vienna, Austria.
    Vienna Doctoral School in Cognition, Behavior and Neuroscience, University of Vienna, Djerassiplatz 1 (UBB), 1030, Vienna, Austria.