Code, Connect, Sleep, Repeat - CoBeNe Summer School in Budapest

A group of PhD students from the faculty of Psychology at the University of Vienna (Kata Sik, Julia Jankowski, Lisa Stempfer and Georgia Clay) has taken initiative and organized a Summer School for their fellow PhD students in cooperation with ELTE University, located in Budapest, Hungary.

The aim of the Summer School was to provide CoBeNe PhD students with an opportunity for professional development and social exchange in the field of empirical research and statistical methods in a highly motivated environment. The Summer School comprised an intensive 4-day workshop, including a total of 24 hours of theoretical input and practical training in advanced regression analyses using the programming language R. With the help of Dr. Tamas Nagy (Assistant Professor at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest), participants learned how to understand and implement different types of regression analysis, including linear and non-linear, zero-inflated, and survival models. Even though at first sight, R code might have been scary looking for some, Tamas managed to communicate the topics in an approachable and humorous way. Nineteen students from Hungary and twenty-three students from Austria came together, not only to learn, but also to connect with each other – for some PhD students this was the first chance to do so, having started their PhD journey during the Covid-19 pandemic. This made the Summer School a success not only from a learning perspective, but also from an interpersonal point of view.

“Business before Pleasure” - A well-deserved Picnic in good company, providing the opportunity to connect with colleagues from different departments, countries, research interests and backgrounds.

Some selected quotes from participants:
“Was a very nice experience and definitely a highlight in my PhD so far”

“Thank you so much for advancing my knowledge in R, I needed this!”

Summer School: Advanced Regression Analyses (4 ECTS)

 Dr. Tamas Nagy, assistant professor at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, will provide a theoretical introduction to different types of regression analyses beyond linear and logistic regression. The theoretical introduction will be accompanied by a practical workshop to implement the new knowledge. A basic working knowledge of R is required (details of required knowledge are in the registration form) in order to ensure that participants can get the most out of the sessions.

Please complete this online registration form by March 31st, 2022 if you want to participate in the Summer School. In case of further questions please contact